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  C.A.R. Health Plan Participant Enrollment

California Association of REALTORS®
Open Enrollment: November 1 – December 15

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It is our goal to provide you with an accurate report based on the information provided. Although we believe the rate and benefit information to be current and correct, keep in mind that final rates and benefits are based upon actual enrollment. We assume no liability for rate or benefit level differences and ask that you not cancel any current group, individual, or C.O.B.R.A insurance coverage until a new policy is approved and you have confirmed the rates and benefits to your satisfaction.

Rate and Benefit Disclaimer Notification! We do not guarantee or warrant the correctness or completeness of the rate and benefit information contained herein and shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of use of the quoted rate and benefit information. Additionally, information contained in this report is limited in scope, subject to change without notice, and does not contain all the terms, conditions, limitations, or exclusions of the referenced benefit plans. Only the insurance company Plan Documents and Policies contain the exact terms and conditions of coverage. This report may not be relied upon as a guarantee of your eligibility for coverage under these benefit plans.