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  C.A.R. Health Plan Participant Enrollment
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Note: All forms will pre-populate with information contained in our billing system.

Changing your address on any of these forms may affect your rate or eligibility.

If you have questions, please contact RealCare at
(800) 939-8088.

Below is information about your enrollment in the C.A.R. Health Plan. This information is updated daily from our billing system. Please review the information carefully. This information may not reflect changes you have recently submitted. If you feel any of the information displayed is incorrect, please contact RealCare at (800) 939-8088, Ext. 201.
Medical Coverage:  
Medical Carrier: None
Medical Plan Name: None
Medical Member ID: None
Medical Group No: None
Coverage Level: None
MetLife Dental Coverage:
Dental Plan Name: None
Coverage Level: None
MetLife/VSP Vision Coverage:  
Plan Option: None
Coverage Level: None
MetLife Life Insurance:
Coverage Level: None
Coverage Amount: None
Additional Information About Your Account:

C.A.R. Health Plans Open Enrollment is held twice a year
  • Winter Open Enrollment is held November 1st through December 15th for a January 1st effective date
  • Spring Enrollment (dental and vision only) is held April 1st through May 15th for a June 1st effective date
Life Insurance coverage is guaranteed issue only for new members or W2 employees enrolling between the 1st and 60th day of membership/employment.

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